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Why do not propose to make small batch at T1 sampling?

On our quotation sheet, 5-10 pcs samples of each round sampling will be provided for customer approval before mass production. A very common case that customer requires to make small batch production at the first round sampling. Requirements l got like these below:

quantity and color for T1 sample

quantity for T1 samples

We do the first round sampling after the mold completed, sometimes customers have misunderstandings for the first round samples, they probably thought the first round samples are the perfect ones which are ready to go for mass production. As for the easy and simple project, yes, we can get the first round samples approved at one time, then directly move forward to the production. However, for those projects which are several pieces assembled to be one set with tolerance requirement, typically we will get samples approved after the second round sampling. So my reply will be:

“Dear Seba,

Usually T1 sampling is not going to produce an 100% perfect sample, they are just for you to verify the dimension, structure, assembly, etc., do not propose to do much samples at the T1 sampling. Besides, making samples with various colors we will have to wash the machine barrel, needs additional times and there will be extra cost existed. It will be great if we get your comprehensive feedback of the first round samples first, then we can solve all the problems/make improvements at one time and make 110 sets with various colors at the second round sampling, we are hoping that we can reduce the number of times for sending samples, get samples approved at the second round to have a fast running during the whole process of this project. If 110 sets are necessary to make at the first round sampling, we can help with this, just please kindly consider a small order cost 150 USD, please let me know your ideas, thank you.”

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