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What is hydraulic accumulator in injection molding?

The hydraulic accumulator has the function to save energy, because during a cycle of injection molding there are times when the pump and not requested, and how the oil can not be compressed, but rather the gas, allowing it to accumulate energy, providing that you work with pumps lower arterial runoff, maintaining the efficiency (speed), which would require a number much larger pumps. The accumulator is designed to boost the injection forward motion to aid in the filling process of thin walled parts. Not necessarily large parts but very thin walls.

The hydraulic accumulator is to keep a constant supply of oil and pressure on the cylinders as they move forward. As the cylinders move the volume displaced is temporarily greater than the smaller diameter supply piping can replace with a standard pump. The hydraulic accumulator has a stored volume that rapidly responds to fill that void until the pump regenerates. Therefore you get a more consistent material flow which improves melt flow through the gates at a constant rate, especially on multiple cavities thus eliminating potential gate freeze.

In sum up:
  • To supply hydraulic force to stable the injection unit hydraulic circuit, to make the control of injection motion stable and accuracy, furthermore a stable weight and quality output;
  • To improve the injection speed to fill the mold cavity in the shortest time, which is very useful to thin wall and large melt flow length to product thickness ratio product, to optimize high production efficiency and wonderful appearance together;
  • To make up the weak point of hydraulic type injection molding machine, by this way, the hydraulic injection molding machine with accumulator achieve cutting edge advantage compared to all-electrical injection molding machine, make it not only high speed, but also better than all-electrical machine when used in 24 hours a day's continue production condition.
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I had no idea the hydraulic accumulator is so important for the injection molding process. There is an opening at my factory for an accumulator maintenance technician. After reading your explanation of the process, I doubt that I am qualified for the position. I wouldn't want to mess up such an essential component. Thanks for the information.
- - - -> by: Eugene Dean
Is it possible to add Hydraulic Accumulator to a standard hydraulic machine?

Something like an HPM
- - - -> by: Rob

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