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Using Moldflow to avoid potential manufacturing defects

In order to safe time & cost, we are progressing from detection to prevention. Utilizing mold flow is one method of moving towards prevention. It is recommended to be utilized during mold design stage so that we could reduce if not eliminate all the potential issues that may arise. Moldflow will definitely enable us to fabricate a more robust & effective mold. Moldflow will enable us to handle air (mother nature) more effectively. However in order to be able to successfully produce the plastic part, we need to ensure all the other factors are fulfilled. For example the screw and barrel size, we need to ensure that the shot size is within 30% to 70% of the maximum barrel shot size. We need to ensure that the temperature profile is within the material technical specification. We need to determine if the material needs to be dried or not. We need to ensure that the cooling of the injection mold is as per what is determined in the mold flow analysis.

The key objective to using simulation mold flow is to understand manufacturing defects that almost always occur during the physical injection molding process upfront reducing the amount of tool tuning loops and costly exercises traditionally needed to develop a production worthy component. Using Moldflow enables designers, mold makers and injection molders to predict these defects before you have even started tooling. Also - the real power of mold flow is developing a greater optimization process to reduce material content, scrap components, efficient tooling etc but to also achieve the costed cycle time all during the development stage of that particular part and importantly ensuring the component can be manufactured as design intent.

In terms of the number of users globally is unknown but I can tell you that many OEM use Autodesk Moldflow above and beyond other vendors and actually build their standards around the technology for no other reason than the materials database, patented solvers and user interface and its accuracy is the best in the world.

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