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Two-Shot Injection Molding

There are numerous types of Two-Shot Injection Molding. Although the plastic part design would dictate the specific type of two shot process to be used, it then becomes a matter of cost, both from a piece part perspective as well as the style of tooling you select.

If you have an overmolded type design and a limited budget you may elect to make your part in 2 separate conventional tools---sometimes called Insert Molding---having a manual transfer of the 1st shot part into the 2nd shot injection mold. If your application requires high volume and critical dimensional stability and perhaps high aesthetic surface finishes, you may go to a fully automatic tool which will transfer the 1st shot into the 2nd shot position by either rotating or shuttling the mold cavity half, this requires a two shot molding press (having 2 barrels) which has a rotary table or shuttle mechanism to operate the injection mold.

It should also be noted that the plastic part design must consider the materials used and account for "Shutoff" surfaces that are critical in 2 shot mold design. There are many expert injection mold makers in China that can assist you with any 2-shot application you require, but please be aware of the costs involved.

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