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Throughput improvement of injection mold

We are not talking about installing bots here. We are talking about tangible throughput improvement :) If you do not know what the "true" problems/ conditions are on the floor how can you choose attainable objectives? Is it the Techs perspective? or Managements? Or yours? Well it can't be yours because you don't know yet. The tech may not be honest in front of a manager... Managers rarely know root cause of their issues. direct labor is typically costed to the customer in the pc price. Indirect labor is a CDB that is captured in the machine rate or overhead. It depends on how the company chooses to expense it. Therefore the only true cost savings from reduction of labor comes from two sources....one you can dilute direct labor cost content and gain value by utilizing that labor elsewhere as well. Two reduce indirect labor cost content. The latter would be the most common result of your proposal. Any good tech with a decent brain would see that their job security is at risk.

As a plant manager I would never enter into a legally binding contract of this nature without an escape clause and a continued improvement performance clause.

NOW for the Fun answers:
(A) 'Why is the cooling time THAT long" -

I disagree the question has emphasis on why THAT long on cooling time. If we missed the expected cooling time it should be because the part is not shrinking at a predicted rate. This would mean the predicted shrink in the injection mold was either miscalculated or the resin is shrinking different than expected. If all of the four variables are optimized then the only reason we should miss our cycle time due to cooling time is a missed shrink factor. Exit temp of the part would have been calculated into the original estimated cycle time. Your answer assumes the part is shrinking exactly as predicted and the injection mold maker used the exact shrink rate on the steel. I have never purchased resin from a supplier where they said "your resin will shrink .010" exactly every time" In fact some ranges are extreme. Now I can control that shrinkage to a point with pack pressure which has nothing to do with exit temp. Exit temp is a good place to start but doesn't always work in the real world.
Shrink rate is a SWAG unfortunately.

(B) "in plain language how do you duplicate the process in machine "A" when you put that mold in machine "B" that has a different size/capacity injection unit and clamp and not start from scratch?"
Match BTU exchange you match cooling rate.(This does not need to be an exact match on the Reynolds number as long as it is over about 10,000 there is little to be gained going higher) Point is if you are moving from the front of the line of water delivery to the end of the line your GPM's might not be the same thus a reduction in Rn may exist and should be checked.
The only real difference between machine should be Ri and barrel volume. Both of these are easily calculated and transferred from one machine to another. As you state most everything else i.e. clamp movement etc. should be duplicated.
Again as I said earlier match the plastic conditions from machine A to machine B and you are done :)

(D) And, the ultimate ship sinker "what is the ONE cause of short shots

YOUR ANSWER: There is no ONE root cause for short shots. Wrong. But you actually gave the right answer later on. "You didn't get enough material in the cavity"

From the plastics point of view there are only four variables. Plastic Temp, Plastic flow rate, Plastic pressure and plastic cooling rate. Equipment and environment are external influences that can affect the four however the plastic doesn't care about those. It only knows the four. e.g. Time is a result of cooling rate which plays into gate freeze as well.

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