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Stringing Issues Solutions

Regarding your stringing issue you can check these points:

Melt temperature too high:

=> Decrease melt temperature.
Decrease hot runner temperature.
Decrease screw rotation speed.
Decrease hot runner temperature (avoid nozzle

Gate area too hot:

=> Decrease mold temperature.
Check contact tightness between nozzle tip and
Check mating between nozzle tip and mold.
Check isolation cap thickness.
Use colder nozzle / cone point insert.

Temperature sensor position:

=> Sensor too far from heating, in a cold area.
Place the sensor closer to heating.
Temperature sensor function:
Correct sensor type (K, J)?
Correctly calibrated controller (K, J)?

As you are on open gate nozzles it is important to have a fine tuned decompression and if it isn't enough you should move the injection unit backward after screw metering and before the opening of the tool. This will avoid to have to much pressure inside the hot runner.

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