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Solutions for injection mold plastic product surface sliver streak

Injection mold molding technology is a commonly used plastic product production method. Many types of plastic products are produced by plastic injection molding machines. For example, mobile phone shells that are popular, some injection mold manufacturers have find that TPU, PC material products have lower acceptability, because the silver streak on the surface effect the quality. What are the causes of the problem? How can we solve it?
These defects are mainly due to stress in the vertical direction of tensile stress during the injection molding process. The use of weight polymer molecules shows a difference in the rate of completion of the heavy flow and non-oriented portions.
The general solution to this type of problem is as follows:
  1. Eliminate the interference of gas and other impurities, and to fully dry the plastic.
  2. Reduce the temperature of the material, adjust the temperature of the barrel in sections, and appropriately increase the mold temperature.
  3. Increase injection pressure, reduce injection speed.
  4. Adjust the flow path and cavity exhaust conditions.
  5. Clear up possible blockages in the nozzles, runners, and gates.
  6. Shortening the molding cycle, after demoulding, keep polystyrene at 78°C for 15 minutes, or 50°C for 1 hour, for polycarbonate, heat up to 160°C for several minutes.
Most of the quality problems that arise during the production of plastic injection molding products are caused by injection molding process conditions, materials, or the maintenance of the machine and mold. Therefore, to produce high-quality, high-precision, and high-level plastic products, it is necessary to control the entire production process, to achieve the details of the injection mold, injection molding equipment, the technical experience of the operator, the production environment of the factory workshop and All aspects of raw materials meet high standards.

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