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Selection of plastic mold

Plastic molds should not only emphasize product design and price, but also plastic injection mold manufacturing, quality, cycle, and service.

First, the plastic mold should not only emphasize product design but forget plastic mold manufacturing.

Communication with the production unit. After the preliminary design of the product design plan, the advantages of talking with the mold maker in advance are as follows.

1.can guarantee that the design of the product has a good shape, will not be difficult to modify the parts due to the processing plant.

2.mold makers can do design choices in advance to prevent mistakes in the rush, affecting the duration.

3.the production of high-tech plastic mold, only the supply and demand sides to discuss closely, in order to ultimately reduce costs and shorten the cycle.

Second, plastic mold not only looks at the price, from a comprehensive consideration of quality, cycle, service.

1. There are many kinds of molds, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to different requirements of parts materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, inch precision, surface finish, service life, economy, etc., choose different types of mold forming.car mold

2. The mold with high precision requires the use of high-precision CNC machining, and the mold material and forming process is strictly calculated. It is also necessary to use CAD/CAE/CAM mold technology for planning and analysis.

3.some parts due to molding a special choice, the mold also need to use a hot runner, gas-assisted molding, nitrogen cylinders and other advanced technology.

4.mold manufacturers should get on the CNC, EDM, WEDM, and CNC copy milling machine, high-precision grinding machine, high-tech three coordinate measuring instrument, computer design and work software.

5. the general large-scale plastic mold (such as car cover mold) to consider whether the machine has a press-edge mechanism, even the side of the lubricant, multi-position advance and so on. In addition to punching tonnage, it is also necessary to consider the times, feeders, machine tools, and mold protection devices.

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