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Process Parameters in Injection Molding Process

The molten plastic pellets are molded into injection molding product, the injection molding process is relatively complicated. It requires the injection molding engineers to pay attention to some injection molding process parameters to ensure the quality of final injection molding products. Therefore, what injection molding process parameters should be paid attention to?
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1. Molding cycle of injection molding product. It includes injection time and product cooling time, and effective control of these times has a profound impact on production efficiency. Before injection molding, we should clear the product molding cycle by mold trial and other methods.

2. The temperature of injection mold. Different plastic particles, the temperature and speed of crystallization are different, and the appearance, deformation, size, plastic mold, etc. of product have different requirements, which makes the injection mold temperature control is different in the case of using different plastic and product requirements.

3. The injection pressure of molten plastic. The plastic face great resistance in the process of filling the mold cavity, which makes the size of injection pressure determines the size directly, weight, density, appearance, etc. of injection molding products. If any of these factors are affected, then the product becomes a scrap. This requires the injection engineer to reasonably define the injection pressure control based on the combined factors of the product.

4. Injection speed. The injection speed has important impact on the final appearance quality of injection molding products. The injection speed is generally achieved by adjusting the amount of oil supplied to the injection cylinder per unit time.

5. Barrel temperature and melt temperature. Melt temperature can be measured at the nozzle or by air jet method. The melt temperature plays a major role in the flow properties of melt. The plastic has no specific melting point. The so-called melting point is a temperature range in a molten state. The control of both temperatures also plays a crucial role in the quality of injection molding products.

Process parameters that require attention in injection molding process generally include these. These process parameters are not divided into major and minor factors. Each factor is crucial for the quality of injection molding products. It requires injection molding engineers to make reasonable reference of process parameters according to the product information of different products and different plastic types to ensure the quality of plastic parts.

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