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Precautions for Plastic Injection Molding

1. The components of plastic injection mold should be cleaned of burrs and dirt before mold assembly, and then assembled before cleaning.

2. Each component should be handled with care, do not allow the hammer to directly hit each component during the assembly process.

3. When cleaning the mold discharge port during the production process, it should be scraped with a copper blade or cleaned with a bamboo knife. It is not allowed to be cleaned with a hard steel knife to prevent scratching the parts.

4. If plastic injection mold is not used temporarily, all components should be assembled after algae oil. The inlet and outlet ports should be sealed and stored on a dry and ventilated wooden frame. No heavy objects should be placed on the mold.

5. When the thickness of plastic products is uneven, adjust the gap between the die and the mandrel. Pay attention to loosen the screws on the thinner side and then tighten the thicker side screws to avoid damage to the injection molded parts or to break the screws.
Injection mold
6. When cleaning the trimming mold discharge port, it is not allowed to use the edge of the mold to remove the corners or remove the metal burrs. Only the fine oil stone or fine sand cloth can be used to round the corners and burrs of the discharge port and smooth the trim.

7. Assembly order of plastic injection mold: Firstly install the flange connected to the barrel, then the mold body, and again the internal parts such as the split cone and the mandrel mold, and finally the parts such as the die, the sizing sleeve and the gland.

8. The connecting bolt and adjusting screw should be coated with a layer of molybdenum disulfide or silicone oil before installation, so it is easier to disassemble in high temperature environment. When tightening the connecting bolts, the two diagonal bolts should be tightened at the same time to prevent the two connecting parts from being in close contact with each other due to uneven force.

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