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Precautions for completing injection molding

The main advantage of injection molding is the ability to produce on a collective scale. Once the initial cost has been paid for at the injection molding production unit is extremely low. As more and more parts of the price have dropped dramatically.

Low rejection rate in injection molding production

Compared to traditional production processes such as CNC machining, the percentage of raw plastic blocks or tables is cut off. This can, however, be negatively related to the additive manufacturing process like 3 d printing, and even reduce the scrap rate. Waste plastic injection molding usually comes from four aspects: runners, runners, doorway locations and any part of the cavity that spills material leaks (a condition called "flash").

Injection is repeated

The second part of your production will be the first of almost the same. This is part of a wonderful feature of high volume production in the production of brand consistency and reliability.


Some notes on injection molding

When you look for an injection molding companies. Consider some of the following things as you strive to make part of the production through injection molding.

1.Financial considerations

Import costs, preparation of injection molding products require a lot of initial investment. Make sure you understand this key.

2.Production quantity

Determining the number of parts produced, injection molding becomes the most cost-effective method of manufacturing

To determine the portion of production volume, you want to maintain your investment (considering the design, testing, production, assembly, marketing, and distribution of costs, and the expected price point for sales). Build on a conservative margin.

3.Design considerations

In the design section, you want to design the part from the first day of injection molding. Simplifying geometry and reducing the number of parts will pay dividends in the early days.

Tool design ensures mold design tools to prevent defects during the production process. The list of 10 common injection defects and how to fix or stop them from reading here. Consider the door position and running simulations using the molded simulation analysis software Solid works Plastics.

4.Production considerations

Cycle time, reducing cycle time is possible. Using machine hot runner technology will help to think thoughtfully. Minor changes will make a big difference and cut a few seconds from your cycle can translate into big savings when you produce millions of parts.

Assemble and design your part assembly to a minimum. Much of the reason for injection molding is in the southeast Asia where simple assembly costs are partially injected. To a certain extent, you can design the assembly process to save a lot of money in labor costs.

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