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Plastic injection mold life

Plastic injection mold life is decided for a particular grade of RM, before an injection mold is born & the mold is designed accordingly. If I need only 1000 plastic parts, I will never go for a high quality class 101 mold. I will never be able to meet customer cost & delivery time. Requirements like, 'how an injection mold is run', 'care & maintenance of the injection mold', 'sturdy machine' & processing with mold safety, are valid for any type of plastic injection mold. Failure due to these external factors can not be considered as short life of injection mold or poor mold design.

You should use a material which can be Hardened & Tempered to > 50 HRC. Suggested suitable grades of Assab Steel are Calmax & Stavax Supreme. Right material along with correct processing techniques will not guarantee freedom from flash at parting line.

Most important thing in an injection mold life is the plan and design, usually I like keeping things simple, do not design to many small moving parts even if it's very impressive. Simple mechanics can last forever. Second thing is choice of materials, I usually use Swedish or other European steel brands, very high quality and very homogeneous, most of the time I don't even heat treat them and nothing happens even after 30m shots! Third thing is to keep accuracy just where it's needed otherwise-release material.

The conclusion is, plastic injection mold life is decided during the designing or rather pre- designing phase and based on that the desired inputs are incorporated, such as quality of steel, treatment methods, quality of moving parts like sliders, cams, cores etc are designed.

When I am thinking about making an injection mold, I will first of all take into consideration commercial factors such as Schedules (Orders), Component cost, Machine Tonnage, Mode of transportation. Financial viability alone will decide those inputs into plastic injection molds. One can't plan an injection mold for 50Mn life if the orders are not even for 2 Mn plastic parts! This is as simple as that.

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