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Mold Making for Plastic Products in China

Mold is tooling for high-volume manufacturing of plastic products, which has a wide range of application in various industries such as home appliance, automotive, aerospace.

Before high-volume production of plastic products, mold making is essential and especially important one step. The mold making process level directly affects the quality of injection molding plastic products. If you want to cooperate with Chinese injection molding manufacturer on mold making project, you can learn about mold making process, which will help you better remotely control and manage your tooling manufacturing project.

Mold making process of ACO Mold injection molding company as followings:
  1. Mold design
    After receiving 2D/3D product drawing or sample, injection mold making companies won’t do parting line firstly. The most important work is to check product structure, including demolding, wall thickness etc. Having a well know about information such as the product assembly relationship and the product usage is very helpful for the design of mold structure.Common used mold design software:UG, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, Cimatron, PowerMill Hypermill, Solidworks

  2. Mold material selection and preparation
    Mold materials selection is a very important part of the entire mold making process. The mold materials selection needs to meet three principles. The mold should meet the work requirements of wear resistance, toughness, etc. Besides the process requirements, the mold should also meet the economic applicability. After confirming mold design, injection molding factory begin to purchase mold materials for mold making. Some mold materials can be prepared immediately once mold design is confirmed, such as mold base and mold steel, which will save injection mold making time.

  3. Mold machining
    Mold steel should be rough machined, heat treated, and finished. After purchasing mold steel, mold steel need to be rough machined. The so-called "roughing" is to machine the mold general shape with machine tool. The machine tools and tools used for roughing are relatively inferior, so the processing speed will be faster. There is need to leave a margin when roughing, usually 0.15-0.3mm mold steel left is enough. And then perform heat treatment. Mold steel heat treatment generally includes ordinary heat treatment, surface heat treatment, and deformation heat treatment. After heat treatment, finishing for mold is performed with precision machine tools and tools.

  4. Mold fitting
    Mold fitting work is done by fitter. According to the mold fitting drawings and technical requirements, mold parts are matched, positioned, connected and fastened according to a certain process sequence, so that it becomes a mold that meets the requirement for high-volume production of the plastic product, which is called mold fitting.

  5. Mold trial
    How do we know the mold quality? We can know mold quality and find problem by mold trial. Improper mold design often causes defects in the finished product. Before mold modification, perform mold trial and evaluate, optimize the mold design and process parameters, usually can achieve twice the result with half the effort, while meeting the high quality requirements of high-volume injection molding.
Mold Making
Mold steel ACO Mold injection molding company frequently used:
1.2344, 12343, S136, LKM2316, LKM738H, 1.2083, 1.2312, 1.1730, H13, P20, MOLDMAX-HH
When selecting mold steel, the injection molding manufacturer must not only consider the process requirements that the mold has to meet, the service life requirements, but also the mold steel price, that is, the mold making cost. For example, if the mold service life requirement is 100,000 times, it is not necessary to use longer-life (such as 1 million times) mold steel to make mold. So the principle of ACO Mold injection molding company is to manufacture economical injection mold that meets both the high-quality products production requirements and the reduction of mold making cost.

Mold making ability
People who service you
  • 8 mold designers with 10 years experience
  • 12 mold engineers with more than 10 years experience
  • 60 well trained mold maker with more than 12 years experience
  • 8 after-sale service personnel

Facility including but not limit to
  • 9 sets of CNC, precision 0.005mm
  • 13 sets of mirror EDM
  • 8 sets of wire cutting machine
  • 18 sets injection molding machines range from 60 Ton to 800 Ton
  • 1 set of 2D projection measurement
  • 1 set of CMM
  • 1 set of three coordinate measuring instrument

We have rich experience in cooperating with international shipping companies, to protect your cargo transportation and guarantee the delivery time.

ACO Mold is an injection molding company located in Guangdong China. We have our own well-equipped mold making & injection molding plant, concentrating on providing one-stop plastic molding service with more than 10 years. Welcome to ACO Mold injection molding manufacturer and contact us to get free quote. Mold engineers will give your company the best solutions and recommend suitable materials.
Design for manufacturability (DFM) is product design considering manufacturability and assemblability requirements, is the first step taking to develop the product, and is applied to a variety of tools and techniques to accomplish a manufacturable product.
We verified this packaging design, although we used this custom cardboard, because the magnet between the two products is too large, it will compress the cardboard, whether it is double or triple Cardboard, there will be deformation problems. If use other separator materials, the cost of packaging will be greatly increased. Finally through communication with customers, we understood the use and assembly of this product and its functions, etc.Our design team made changes and suggestions to our customers' products. Reduce the height of the protruding bones of this product by 0.2 mm, so that the entire flatness of the product reaches the same level, which can solve the packaging problem of this product and the potential product deformation problem. This proposal has been verified and approved by the customer. We reproduce the product for free for our customers.Whether the design of product itself is mature will affect whether the product will have some potential risks in the future.A good product packaging design will also reduce some potential risk factors. So, we will incorporate the packaging design into the customer's service category to reduce the potential risks of the product in the later transportation and storage.
To find out the injection molded products' true manufacturing cost, I factor all the following in:
  • Part weight
  • Number of impressions
  • Runner weight (if applicable)
  • Material cost include masterbatch etc.
  • Cycle time.
  • Machine set/shakedown time
  • Full time or part time machine minder
  • Assembly/printing/trimming
  • Injection molding machine cost/hour
  • Floor space cost/hour
  • Packaging
  • Delivery charges.
I'm evaluating some ideas for manufacturing a mold, and I was wondering if anyone had tried "printing" a mold on a 3D printer with the metallic media that's available. I know some of the printers are capable of producing injection molds with the plastic material (specifically, the Stratasys machines,) which can be used for to check to see if the mold works as intended and for making a short run of test-shots (50-100.)

But, I was wondering if the metal media molds had been attempted and if so, how they hold up for a longer production run? Not necessarily in the millions of pieces, but for small runs of product.

So, my two questions are:
1. Has anyone tried it?
2. Has anyone seen any research on the matter?
Quality is a much abused term nowadays. Nobody would ever admit to or promote the fact that they make junk. Therefore, it's more a question of horses for courses. If the injection mold runs trouble free with a good cycle time and a contribution is made for the duration of the product and maintenance is low, then it could be described as a quality injection mold.

In an ideal world there are only the best customers and suppliers. In the real world we have customers who don't know anything about tooling and then injection mold manufacturers as a customer which use other manufacturers for contracting. One can't suppose that the customer always knows what's the best for them. This leaves a big responsibility for the supplier. Injection molding tools are often unique pieces, therefore they can't be treated as car in manufacture.
Plastic injection mold life is decided for a particular grade of RM, before an injection mold is born & the mold is designed accordingly. If I need only 1000 plastic parts, I will never go for a high quality class 101 mold. I will never be able to meet customer cost & delivery time. Requirements like, 'how an injection mold is run', 'care & maintenance of the injection mold', 'sturdy machine' & processing with mold safety, are valid for any type of plastic injection mold. Failure due to these external factors can not be considered as short life of injection mold or poor mold design.

When I am thinking about making an injection mold, I will first of all take into consideration commercial factors such as Schedules (Orders), Component cost, Machine Tonnage, Mode of transportation. Financial viability alone will decide those inputs into plastic injection molds. One can't plan an injection mold for 50Mn life if the orders are not even for 2 Mn plastic parts! This is as simple as that.
I don't think you will be very successful in making a good serial troubleshooting guide, however, I do recommend you develop some level of organized method, a DOE, to guide a resolution. Developing that is a job in itself.

When the injection mold was brought up was a complete decoupled (scientific) molding DOE performed? If so then this should have data defining the processing parameter relationships and, from there, you can see how moving settings will affect the plastic part. This also reveals injection mold performance issues as well as press issues. Not doing this often leads to discussions and answers like these, it's all over the place. The answers are not wrong but also are not aligned with the problem. Let's be honest with this, you can't solve a problem in a general sense only in a specific sense so tossing ideas around is interesting but let's not kid ourselves that this necessarily is helpful.

One thing I always do with my injection molds is provide for instrumentation. This means have thermocouples and pressure transducers in the first injection mold of any new design. While I don't always install the pressure transducers I always have locations ready for them. However, you can never have too much thermal information so I always have a lot of thermocouples where I feel I can get the most useful data from.
The design of the injection mold cooling system is very important. The cooling time takes up 70% to 80% of injection molding cycle, a well-designed cooling system can shorten the molding time and improve the productivity magnificently. Poor design of cooling system will extend molding time, increase production cost, and the injection mold temperature has great influence to the mold shrinkage, dimensional stability, deformation, internal stress and surface quality.

If possible, the number of cooling channels should be as many as possible, diameter of the cooling channel should be design as large as possible, cooling speed of A is faster than B as figure below. Diameter of cooling channel usually are 6-12mm.
Injection mold cooling channel
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