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Injection mold simulation

Injection mold simulations are performed up front, before the design is finalized. All tooling engineers are aware of this. This is the basis by which the plastic injection mold design is finalized.

But if the plastic injection mold is built, no computer simulation will tell you anywhere near as much as putting the plastic injection mold in the press with a process and a tooling engineer paying close attention to the reaction to the parameters as they are modified.

A computer simulation assumes that the plastic injection mold was built exactly as it was designed, not close to, but exactly as it was designed. And it never compensates for machine variations or slight differences in the plastic injection mold as it is made or mistakes in the plastic injection mold that was made. And the plastic injection mold will never be exactly as the simulation assumes, there will always be subtle differences, if not mistakes which makes a simulation at that point less than useless.

If you have the real life tool in hand, use it, learn from it, observe the actual changes when the process variations are implemented.

None of us sitting here on this side of the computer are observant of what actually happens when a process change is made, we are only offering what has worked for us in the past based upon our experience.

My experience is that once a plastic mold is built and is in the press, it is way past the time to do a plastic injection mold flow to sole your processing problems, this will only happen though having the right people on site at the machine to observe first-hand the results as changes are made. Someone sitting at a computer will not tell you where you need to polish, where you need to add an air poppet, where you need to add an ejector pin, on and on.

If it were that simple, every plastic injection mold made which was designed based upon the plastic injection mold flow data, it would just go in the press and run!

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