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Injection Mold Making for Fixed Holder products

This injection mold making project is a fixed holder product, the material is ABS.

Basic part information:

  • Part size: 25.4*17.46*9.5mm
  • Part size:83*83*11mm
  • Part size:25*15.7*8mm
  • Part size:98.2*25.6*31.5mm
  • Plastic material: PA+GF
  • Finish: SPI-B1
  • Color: Black
  • Production volume: 5K

This set of products consists of 4 parts, we use a 1+1+1+1 cavity design.Basic mold information

  • Mold type: 2-Plate
  • Gate type: Side Gate
  • Cavity number: 1+1+1+1
  • Material: PA+GF
  • Shrinkage: 1.006
  • Molding Machine (Tons): 160T

Before making the injection mold, ACO Mold did DFM and product analysis, verified some important information with the product company, i.e. parting line, gate position, ejection, etc.
Mold information

After confirming and resolving the relevant issues in DFM by communicating with the product company, ACO Mold start mold 3D design, as shown below.
Mold 3D design

Injection mold making took 4 weeks. During the mold making cycle, ACO Mold plastic injection molding company update mold processing progress to customer regularly, such as CNC rough/finishing completion status, EDM processes status, T1 mold trial status, etc. The pictures are shown below. This can make customers know project progress and what happen.
mold processing progress 1mold processing progress 2

The project progressed smoothly, and we conducted the T1 sample test within the promised time. The T1 status is shown below.
T1 status
T1 sample
There is a part of this set of product needs to be hot-pressed and assembled, and needs to be pressed into the 4 circular magnets. Since this product is the newly developed plastic product, the product company can't determine the magnet grade. We used the N35 grade magnet in the T1 sample, for which the press-fit fixture was made by us so that the magnet can be pressed and assembled efficiently and smoothly. There is an appearance defect in the T1 sample. We told the product company before sending the sample and promised that the problem will be improved in T2. After receiving the sample, the function and assembly test were carried out, and the product company is satisfied with the T1 plastic sample. It was just that we needed to help company find a more magnetic magnet. Then we communicated with the magnet supplier and learned about the magnet's relevant magnetic grade. The product company is recommended to use the N52 grade magnet. We have improved the appearance of the T1 product and re-tested the T2 test. Here is an extension of the appearance defect. The picture is shown below:
Appearance defect

This picture shows the T1 sample parts with appearance defects. You can see that in the red circle of injection molded part, there are gas marks at the location of gate, and the plastic part has slight bending and deformation. There are all kinds of reasons for this appearance defects.
1. Materials aspect
If the material is not dried, need increase the temperature and time of baking, and whether the proportion of recycled material in the raw material is excessive.
2. Machine aspect
Such as increasing the back pressure setting of machine to increase the exhaust pressure.
3. Mold aspect
Such as increasing gate size, and changing gate position, or increase the exhaust near the gate.

At last, we solved the problem of gas mark and deformation of this injection molded part by increasing gate size and changing gate position. The picture is as follows:
Modified sample

The gate was moved to the red circle mark area, and solved this defect perfectly.
T2 sample

Finally, we sent the T2 sample to the product company to confirm. The company feedback that N52 magnet has perfect magnetic force and the appearance defect has also been improved. The sample has been approved by the customer, and then we have carried out large volume injection molding.
Mass prodcution

Here is an extension of product design and packaging design:
After the large volume injection molding is completed and shipped, since this product is new R&D design, it needs to be pre-promoted in the market. The product company temporarily stores the product in the warehouse for more than 4 months after receiving the goods. Because the product has a strong magnetic grade N52 magnet, the shape of the product is irregular and the packaging design is improper, that cause that the plastic part of this product is forced to be deformed due to there is suction between each product. Then we changed the packaging design after communicating with the product company. Packaging design pictures as follows:

Packaging design pictures
We verified this packaging design, although we used this custom cardboard, because the magnet between the two products is too large, it will compress the cardboard, whether it is double or triple cardboard, there will be deformation problems. If use other separator materials, the cost of packaging will be greatly increased. Finally through communication with customers, we understood the use and assembly of this product and its functions, etc. Our design team made changes and suggestions to our customers' products. Reduce the height of the protruding bones of this product by 0.2 mm, so that the entire flatness of the product reaches the same level, which can solve the packaging problem of this product and the potential product deformation problem. This proposal has been verified and approved by the customer. We reproduce the product for free for our customers.

Whether the design of product itself is mature will affect whether the product will have some potential risks in the future. A good product packaging design will also reduce some potential risk factors. So, we will incorporate the packaging design into the customer's service category to reduce the potential risks of the product in the later transportation and storage.

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