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Injection mold maker in China

I have been making injection molds in China for 15 years or so. Honestly, China has never had the quality of molds that other USA, or German shops have always had. You get an injection mold capable of making a good part that meets dimensions in China, but will constantly be under repair in China.
We tried to standardize the plastic injection mold construction in terms of gate locations, runner systems, metal action and slide design but never really could get shops to get on board.

Margins in the USA were extremely high, as they were in China, both of which have shrunk in terms of profit. Last figure we benchmarked was a 30% delta on fixed costs building overseas and locally.

Hot runner molds with thin wall designs, and cosmetic criteria have and always will be a problem overseas in Asia, if you don't know how to manage, and deal with it. You absolutely need people on the ground to monitor things.

You can spend 100k worry free dollars on a Class A mold in the USA, or spend 60k on a mold capable of meeting spec, but will keep you up late a lot of nights trying to figure out when and how it will run the next batch of material. Not to mention potentially missing orders.

20 years ago I was managing over 150 part numbers, and can't remember having many mold tooling issues. Nowadays, you go on alert if you haven't had a molding issue for more than a week.

It is hardly to find any good plastic mold maker as good Europe, Japan or USA. It is very much depends on how you want your product to be defined. If it is high precision product requests stringent tolerance control, just go to these 3 regions. If you are looking for a good finishing and reliable injection mold, which mainly for cosmetic (casing, housing part etc...) you can make this kind of mold vender in Malaysia or Singapore. They bring you less reliability problem as compare to the Chinese. Of course, you still can find a good injection mold maker in China.

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