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Injection Mold Heat Insulation

If you wish to insulate the heated injection mold from the platen. It is best insulate the injection mold from the mounting plate and then use tower temperature water through the mounting plate to dissipate the radiant heat still transfers through.

It is also a good practice to insulate the heated cavity and core from the injection mold base. This will first help maintain the heat (energy) in the needed area. Second it will reduce the time the cavity and core reach the desired process temperature. Third it will reduce the mass of steel the needs to be cooled prior to the injection mold being treated with the proper rust and corrosion preventative. Fourth the cavity and core can be preheated with injection mold from remaining cool enough to handle an safely install.

This is a small price to pay when you calculate the lost time needed to heat the cavity and core to running temp, and the lost change over time.

With thermosets and some thermoplastic that require high cavity and core temperatures, you may still have heat the injection mold base but to lesser degree. This is to reduce the dissipation of heat (energy) from the cavity and core to the injection mold base and also to prevent sweat.

Last point, air is one of the best insulators. First provide proper support for the cavity and core. Then use air gaps or space between the support and the rest of the injection mold base. Vent this area the air does not become stagnant.

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