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I got cheated on sourcing cheap mold in China

We asked for H13, and got like P20, cheated for sure. We even contracted a company to search out the best mold shops for our needs. There was like a broker involved with China mold dealings. We paid big bucks to make all the right decisions and still got bad quality. The bean counters were all amazed. I would rather spend top dollar on the finest mold steel and source locally. I will admit that China has come along way in improving their quality for high end molds. The really cheap mold quotes from China are now getting closer to par value, but still cheaper. Quoted mold builds locally might be 12 weeks compared to 8 weeks from China. You have to pay for molds 100% before they leave China. Something to think about buying locally, you do not pay until your happy at trials. We have to be smart and understand the complexity of the tooling we outsource. I would rather send a simple molded detail to China but handle complicated high tolerance parts locally.

The tuning of highly complex molds, working to .002" over 8 cavities can put a high end molder in deep trouble. Even the quality layout reports we received from China did not match our CMM reports. What's ironic is that we are still buying molds from China, but we now have a joint venture with one mold build company and the steel choice is non-issue. We buy so much these days the steel is bought on consignment tons of it from non-China steel source. We know what we are getting these days. The steel cost is so minor but so important!

In my opinion, there are several reasons for Chinese mold makers like to use fake material to make molds:
  • No industrial standard for mold. The governments have no interesting to improve mold industry, just care about their tax income.
  • The cost of punishment is too low to mold supplier to use fake material. In China, this situation is very bad. Even the foods are made from bad or fake raw material. The governments few punish the fake things maker, if the bad thing not threaten the social stable. They do not concern that if the fake material mold damage abroad clients' interest. On the mold maker side, what their lost is only a client, no body to punish them. It seems like Zero risk to use fake material to make fake material mold. It is luck to meet a serious mold maker in China.
  • The buyer should believe that what you get is what you pay. Sometimes lower price is unreal.
I hope there is a easy way to get the specifications from a piece steel that got from a working CNC machine or drilling machine. Then I can build up an independent facility to provide QC service for mold importer.

China also are capable to supply high quality parts, you can have the goods at less cost, but then you lose quality. There are many clients come to China, their aim is to find the cheapest suppliers. In order to satisfy clients' needs, many makers have to reduce the cost, just wanna to survive in this competitive market environment. But also there are many manufacturers insist on their principle to make the higher quality parts with reasonable price. We all know "the higher the price, the higher the quality", so many international brand parts are made in China, I assure you can find the supplier very good, you also can find one just so so. It all depends on how much you paid. We are just a mold maker in China. Our principle is to make the best quality with reasonable price. We never deviate from this principle.
- - - -> by: Frank Chang
Some clients always want low price with high quality, but how come, I admit the higher the price, the higher the quality and what you get is what you pay
- - - -> by: Kristy Tong
Agree as above "the higher the price, the higher the quality"
- - - -> by: Simon Jiang
Many buyers do not technically know to what they technical want from mold making suppliers. They look only on the cheapest price. I saw buyers came to buy molds only on discussion on prices, nothing on technical mold design issues. We did mold flow to show their parts inherent design problems to them and finally found out they actually did not educate technically before being buyers ! How can you expect these buyers to source relevant quality if they are not in relevant technical background before being buyers.
- - - -> by: Name *

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