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How to prevent injection mold from rusting?

Everyone knows that the injection mold raw material is steel. It is reasonable to say that steel is not susceptible to rust. However, in the injection mold factory, it is sometimes found that the injection mold made of steel has rust. Many people do not understand.
In fact, this is caused by the gas generated after the plastic material thermal decomposed. If it occurs during the suspension of molding, the corrosive gas present around the injection mold will rust the injection mold.
Therefore, the injection mold must be wiped dry with a clean soft cloth if production is stopped, and the injection mold must be closed when not molding to prevent corrosion caused by gas generated from other surrounding injection machines.
When closing the injection mold, remember to apply butter, do not forget to plug the gate, if you stop molding for a long time, you should spray anti-rust agent in the cavity, and clean the mold cavity with a soft cloth before spraying.
If the surface of the cavity is stained with slag-type carbides, which causes the rust of the injection mold, it should be eliminated in a timely manner. The carbides formed in the molding material and precipitated and decomposed often cause wear or corrosion of the injection mold. Once it is found, it should be immediately wiped with a dry cloth. . If it does not rub off, wipe it with a little alcohol and wipe it
Electrodeposited coating in the mold cavity is beneficial to rust prevention, but it is not completely effective. Sometimes the corrosive gas generates deep corrosion through the pores on the surface of the electrodeposited coating. The method of avoiding plating corrosion is to clean the injection mold frequent.
The cooling water in the injection mold can easily make the injection mold rust. If the injection mold is cooled to below zero, the moisture in the air will form water droplets on the surface of the injection mold, and it will rust without erasing. It is best not to stop the molding during the production process. Even if it is to be stopped, the cooling water should be turned off and the surface of the injection mold should be wiped dry.
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