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High-end Injection Mould Factory

Since the emergence of injection molds, it has undergone several stages of development. After entering the 21st century, with the development of modern industry, injection mold has become an irreplaceable tool; at the same time, all kinds of large and small injection mold plants are also emerging in the land of China, then in the choice of a high-quality Injection mold supplier?

There are now five criteria for reference to make a clear judgment.Injection mold factory workers at work

1. understand the basic situation of injection mold manufacturers
The current Internet is very developed. When judging a supplier, first of all, you can view some basic information about the company on the Internet, such as the registered capital, the registration period, and the credit rating of the company, whether there is much negative word-of-mouth information, etc. Then have a preliminary understanding and screening of this company.

2. on-site inspection of injection mold manufacturers
After preliminary screening, it comes to the manufacturer's production site to get an overview of the company's business scale, factory floor area, number of employees, and corporate culture. This information is used as a further evaluation criterion.

3. understand the injection mold factory workshop equipment
Today's plastic products require ever-increasing dimensional precision, and this is inseparable from advanced production equipment. It is difficult for a clever woman to be without rice, and even a superb technician cannot produce high-quality products without good production tools. Therefore, during the visit, it is necessary to make an assessment of the overall production equipment in the production workshop of the injection mold factory. This includes the previous mold production equipment, mold inspection equipment, injection molding production equipment, follow-up fuel injection processing equipment, etc. Consider the brand, average lifespan of the equipment and so on. Only the latest equipment from the big brands can ensure that the products made are at the most advanced level.

4. The overall production team of injection mold factory
Now, after all, it is not an era of full automation. The production of any product is inseparable from human operations. Injection molds are nothing more than that. Therefore, comprehensive evaluation of the entire production team is required.

5. Injection Mould Production Experience
Rich production experience is also indispensable for a high-quality injection mold factory. Only with rich production experience, mold factories that have done various kinds of products can solve the various injection mold problems.

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