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Gate Methods of Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products and a tool for giving the plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. Plastic injection molding is a mold processing method used in mass production of some parts and components with complex shapes. It specifically refer to the material that is heated and melted is injected into the cavity by high pressure, after cooling and solidification, and then the injection molded part is obtained. So, what gate methods does the plastic injection mold have?
Plastic injection mold
  • Side gate
    The side gate of plastic injection mold is generally opened on the side of the mold, and the parting surface is fed by the inner side or the outer side, and the cross section is mostly rectangular, which is suitable for a multi-hole.
  • Submarine gate
    The submarine gate of plastic injection mold is lurking on the side of the parting surface, and the needle point gate can be automatically cut off when the rubber is released from the side or inside of the product, which is suitable for automatic production.
  • Ring gate
    The ring gate of plastic injection mold is that the melted materials extend to feed along the entire outer circumference of product. It can make the melted plastic fed along the mold core, make exhaust is good and the bonding line is reduced. However, the gate is difficult to cut, so it is suitable for thin-walled long tubular products.
  • Dish gate
    The dish gate of plastic injection mold is the melted materials extend to feed along the outer circumference of the product. The feeding point is symmetrical, the filling is uniform, the bonding line can be eliminated, conducive to exhaust. The gate is usually removed by punching, and the punching process should be paid attention to during design.
  • Direct gate
    The direct gate of plastic injection molds that the melted materials enter the cavity from main runner, and is suitable for single-hole deep cavity shell shape and box shape mold. The runner is short and the pressure loss is small, which is good for exhausting, but the gate is inconvenient to remove and will leave obvious marks.
  • Fan gate
    The fan gate of plastic injection mold is that the melted materials gradually enlarged to perform fan shape from the branching runner to the cavity, and is suitable for long or flat and thin products, which can reduce flow marks and orientation stress. The fan angle is determined by product shape, and the gate cross-sectional area can’t be larger than the flow section area.
  • Point gate
    The point gate of plastic injection mold is a gate that the cross-sectional area as small as needle, which is generally used for plastics with good flow performance. The gate length generally doesn’t exceed its diameter. So the gate is automatically cut off after demolding, no need to be corrected. The gate residue is not obvious, and it is widely used in the box cover, the box casing and the large-area product. It can add a parting surface to the mold to facilitate the demolding of gate.
The disadvantage point gate is that it is easy to cause pressure loss due to small inlet gate. Some defects occur during injection molding, such as flow marks, burnt marks, black dot; its shape has diamond shape, single point shape, double point shape, multi-point Shape and so on.

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