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Cleaning method of injection mold

In the process of injection mold production, it is unavoidable that there are residual raw materials and moisture on injection mold  and other substances, which may react with the injection mold steel to oxidize and rust. This is harmful to the injection mold. Therefore, after the injection mold is used, it should be cleaned and maintained. If necessary, apply anti-rust liquid (e.g. before long-distance transport or long-term preservation).
After the injection mold is used, there will be plastic residue and moisture on the injection mold surface. With the latest injection mold cleaning machine, any residue on the surface can be removed within ten minutes, including The most difficult gas residue.
After appearance tests such as galvanic wear, track marking, and residue content of the injection mold in the vent and non-vent hole areas, the technician can determine the procedure and frequency of the injection mold cleaning by visual inspection.
Therefore, It is important to understand the safe operation cycle of injection mold( injection molding cycle time reduction)  and to document the observation report of residual accumulation and wear inside injection mold.
Based on the injection mold has a certain operating cycle, all injection molds should be accompanied by relevant maintenance procedures and maintenance cycle documentation. In general, the control of internal grease levels and gear broaching, sliders, internal pins and bushings, and other moving parts are the key to stable production.
Other factors affecting production include the contamination or plugging of water lines and sprinkler outlets, leakage of manifolds, and rust and corrosion caused by water leakage or condensation.
The systematic maintenance of the injection mold is based on the continuity of maintenance requirements and maintenance operations. In order to achieve the "cost-effectiveness" goal, clean injection molds must pay attention to: develop a detailed injection mold cleaning plan. In the cleaning of different parts of the injection mold, such as the internal cleaning of the press, wipe along the edge, the general cleaning, the main part of the cleaning, the cleaning method used is also different.
Injection mold dry ice cleaning is suitable for cleaning large plane injection molds, such as foam injection molds; injection mold surface with card slots, corners, and blind holes are not easy to clean; dry ice is a volatile supply materials, storage is more troublesome, cleaning noise Large; must wear protective masks, masks, glasses and other protective tools when cleaning.
Plastic Mold Manufacturer Warm Reminder: Regular cleaning of injection molds can improve product quality and mold life.

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