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Choose wisely of hot runner manufacturers

I have almost 20 years in the injection mold industry and the biggest problem is that a lot of mold builders try to build molds as cheap as possible, and with hot runner systems you need to make sure all the tolerances are right and you need to make sure you spend the money for the correct style of system for the material your processing. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is so true with hot runner systems. Husky is great, I have had DME "hot ones", and Kona systems back in the day. They all have good points and bad. Do your homework ahead of time before you purchase a hot runner system.

As having been the Asian tooling manager for a prominent US company for the past 15 years I can attest to numerous hot runner problems. Most hot runner problems resulted from the hot runner/injection mold system going through revisions in material (resin) changes which had significant effects on the basic design of the hot runner delivery system and components. This is why I suggest that in a high volume application, it is wise to validate a part design using a conventional drop mold before diving into a costly hot runner manifold. There are dozens of hot runner manufacturers in China alone, the Good, Bad and the Ugly. If the cost is the main driver of supplier selection----Good Luck !!! If however you have a part/program that deserves a quality hot runner system, which affords you the technical and field service support, your choices are few, and this would be based on the injection molding location. Sure there are single "Hot Drop" components that fill the need of many applications and are quality products, but I don't consider these products to be a substitute for multi-gate hot runner manifolds, nor do they serve the same purpose.

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