I respect what China has done to provide tools to allow their people to manufacture, forging, die casting, metal stamping, or injection molding. Any nation that loses its ability to manufacture loses control over their destiny. In NA we are feeling this right now, young people have no factory jobs, middle management in manufacturer does not exist, and taxes are not being collected for governments. The purchasing power of the average person has been diminished, forcing the average person to buy the cheapest products at the retail level- made in China. The end result is a downward spiral of recession bordering on recession/depression. It is time for NA to impose VAT on all imported goods to level the playing field.

China is now out sourcing injection molding to other low cost countries because your people are demanding fair wages for an hour of labour. It will stop one day, in the meantime many will suffer just to make a few more points profit. Again I challenge all countries to embrace a fair global minimum wage, just like a sports game with the same rules for all.
I have been making injection molds in China for 15 years or so. Honestly, China has never had the quality of molds that other USA, or German shops have always had. You get an injection mold capable of making a good part that meets dimensions in China, but will constantly be under repair in China.

It is hardly to find any good plastic mold maker as good Europe, Japan or USA. It is very much depends on how you want your product to be defined. If it is high precision product requests stringent tolerance control, just go to these 3 regions. If you are looking for a good finishing and reliable injection mold, which mainly for cosmetic (casing, housing part etc...) you can make this kind of mold vender in Malaysia or Singapore. They bring you less reliability problem as compare to the Chinese. Of course, you still can find a good injection mold maker in China.
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