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Can I define a cooling water flow pressure in injection molding?

There are many factors here that you will need to take into account such size of pipe work from the supply, cooling channels in the injection mold, manifolds your using etc.., there is not much point in defining a pressure what you are more interested in is determining when you have turbulent flow this is the most efficient way to cool your part/mold. Take a look at smart flow and look at their library some excellent material to read, cooling temperature is most important this will affect your part production rate per hour (cycle time), it is most important to your profits so you will need to take account of your part size/weight, the plastic temperature, things on paper may work out fine but in the real world mean a bit of experimentation.

Before making an estimate of the required flow rate of the installation, you have to decide the method of cooling the water and thus the operating temperature. Water chillers can provide 10 - 13 oC input, while cooling towers in a hot summer not less than 30 oC. The coldest the water the less you need. Gather information concerning the quantity of water needed by each injection molding machine for the oil coolers and feed throats. This information is provided by the manufacturer of the injection molding machine. A good option is to bypass water cooled oil coolers with air cooled. In this way you provide heating during winter in the plant and at summer you reject this heat out.
Next is to estimate the quantity of water needed to cool the injection mold. This depends on the nature of the process and the quantity of plastic processed per hour.

In my factory we have 2,5-3 BAR line pressure to assure an adequate turbulent flow in the injection mold cooling channels. The temperature is 12-14 oC. If you gather all the above data then water flow is the sum of injection molding machine plus mold cooling. Pressure is 3 BAR plus losses, which depends on the distance of the plant from the pumps and the material of the pipes. Pressure losses per meter and diameter are provided by the pipe manufacturer.

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