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The plastic injection molding process is a cycle process. Once cycle is completed, the once injection cycle is completed. Each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding, melt plasticizing, pressure injection, mold filling, cooling, and mold opening and demolding. After demolding, the mold is closed and the next cycle is performed. Each time the injection molding cycle is completed, the injection device and the clamping device of the injection molding machine respectively complete one working cycle, and that is, the moving parts of the injection device and the clamping device are sequentially operated once in a predetermined order. There are three stages to complete injection molding: plasticization, injection, and shape.
Plastic injection molds need to be cleaned regularly. This is to maintain and extend the service life of plastic injection molds and improve the stability of molds. However, some plastic injection molding companies frequently clean molds, causing secondary damage and reducing the quality of mold use.
After injection molding, there is usually dirt or remains on the mold. For different kinds of residues, the final cleaning requirements will be different, such as chlorinated polyethylene. Other residues are separated from flame retardants and antioxidants, but are corrosive to steel. Some pigments can rust steel and rust is difficult to remove. Even long-term storage water, if placed on the surface of the untreated mold, will cause long-term damage to the mold.
The processing speed in process index is very important in plastic injection molding. Because it is not only related to the processing cycle of plastic injection molded parts, but also determines the economic cost of processing. EDM processing speed refers to that under certain pulse parameters, the workpiece is etched away a certain mass and volume in the same unit time, which can be expressed by volume processing speed or mass processing speed.

On the same surface roughness of mold steel, the maximum processing speed of the electric pulse at the time of electrode loss is an important indicator to measure the electrical pulse processing and machine tool performance. In general, the plastic injection molding manufacturer gives the maximum machining current and the highest machining speed that can be achieved under optimal machining conditions. Therefore, in our actual machining, due to the ever-changing size and shape of the workpiece, the machining conditions and the chip removal conditions are different from the ideal state. Even in the roughing of the machining center, the machining speed is often much lower than the maximum machining speed index of the machine tool.
Plastic injection mold, is also known as injection molding, is a tool for producing plastic products. It is also a tool for giveing the plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. Injection molding is a processing method used in the mass production of products with certain complex shapes. Specifically refer to the material melted by heat is injected into the mold cavity by high pressure, and after cooling and solidifying, the molded product is obtained.
Injection mold molding technology is a commonly used plastic product production method. Many types of plastic products are produced by plastic injection molding machines. For example, mobile phone shells that are popular, some injection mold manufacturers have find that TPU, PC material products have lower acceptability, because the silver streak on the surface effect the quality. What are the causes of the problem? How can we solve it?
These defects are mainly due to stress in the vertical direction of tensile stress during the injection molding process. The use of weight polymer molecules shows a difference in the rate of completion of the heavy flow and non-oriented portions.
In our lives, we have access to more and more plastic products. Because now plastic products can be found in some commodity markets as compared to metal products. This article will describe what features plastic molds have, and how to make quality injection molds.
Everyone knows that the raw material of injection mold is steel. It is reasonable to say that steel is not susceptible to rust. However, in the injection mold factory, it is sometimes found that the injection mold made of steel has rust. Many people do not understand.
In fact, this is caused by the gas generated after the plastic material thermal decomposed. If it occurs during the suspension of molding, the corrosive gas present around the injection mold will rust the injection mold.
Therefore, the injection mold must be wiped dry with a clean soft cloth if production is stopped, and the injection mold must be closed when not molding to prevent corrosion caused by gas generated from other surrounding injection machines.
When closing the injection mold, remember to apply butter, do not forget to plug the gate, if you stop molding for a long time, you should spray anti-rust agent in the cavity, and clean the mold cavity with a soft cloth before spraying.
There are many factors that affect the mold structure and the individual mold system. It is very complicated.
To make the mold with high quality, simple structure, reasonable price. Learning advanced manufacturing processes and manufacturing methods, and also in - depth enterprises, Find out the problems occurred in the processing of the mold and solve the problem in time.
With the rapid development of China's economy, the manufacturing industry has also accelerated the pace of development. This poses a higher and faster demand for the Chinese mold industry. The advanced world mold technology also promotes the development of China's mold industry. With a wide variety of products, the speed of mold renewal is also fast, mold technology development need to meet the product requirements. The injection mold is an important branch in the mold technology, its structure and processing quality directly determine the quality and efficiency of plastic parts products, the following are some common problems and their reasons of injection molding process and plastic products production.
In the process of mold making, the preparation of the electrode of the injection-molded tool is a basic premise for electro-galvanizing.

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HS Code Product Name Description;
For plastic injection molding
Stamping mould
For rubber products model
Injection mould parts
Inserts Injection mold parts
Armrest box interior panels
Production of auto parts
Armrest box exterior panel
Production of auto parts
Stationery molds
For the production of stationery items such as rulers, pencil boxes, etc.
Plastic terminal mold
For the production of plastic parts
Rubber products molding dies
For rubber products
Plastic cup mold
Plastic cup for manufacturing
Plastic cup cover molds
For plastic covers
Plastic inner molds For plastic inner parts
For injection molding
Full set of parts
For assembly into a mold
Stamping moulds
For punching plastic products
Sample mold
Automotive parts trial
Injection molding cores
Making plastic preforms
Rubber mold
For rubber insulators
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