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Basic Ways to Increase Plastic Injection Mold Service Life

  1. Plastic raw materials, different plastic material types required different temperature and pressure during molding, different working conditions, the impact of the mold life is also different. Therefore, plastic material with good performance always be the good choice to make molding, good advantages in molding processing and service life.
  2. Mold structure design, custom molding service is very important, cavity and core are the main molding parts of the molding part. Different forms of the cavity, core, their strength, repair and replacement ways of vulnerable parts are different. Therefore, the molding service life can be prolonged by using the high strength, easy repair molding structure. Roll out parts should be easy to manufacture, easy to replace. The setting of push guide device can improve the smoothness of push mechanism motion. In the design of mould structure, attention should also be paid to keep the heat balance of the mould. Through the rational design of the gating system, the temperature regulating system and the exhaust system, the hot cracking tendency of the molding can be reduced and the life of the molding can be increased.
    Injection mold
  3. Mold materials and heat treatment, injection mold cavity is generally more complex, precision and surface roughness requirements are relatively high, mold material selection will affect the quality and service life of the mold. Using plastic mould steel with excellent mechanical properties and processing technology can not only greatly improve the molding quality of plastic parts, but also greatly improve the service life of the mould. Whether the heat treatment process is appropriate or not has a great influence on the service life of the mold. The heat treatment process should be arranged reasonably and the heat treatment process conditions should be strictly controlled in the mould manufacturing process.
  4. Mold processing and surface treatment, mold manufacturing method and accuracy will directly affect the quality and service life of the mold. During the cutting process of the mold, the corner radius, straight line and arc of the dimension transition should be strictly ensured. Reduce grinding feed correspondingly to prevent grinding overheating and grinding crack generation.In order to ensure the machining accuracy of various components in the mold, we must also reasonably select high-precision machining methods such as EDM, wire cutting and NC machining in the mold manufacturing to improve the quality and service life of the mold. For the injection mold, the use of surface strengthening treatment can effectively improve the mold cavity surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation and lubricating properties, thereby increasing the mold life.
  5. Molding use and maintenance, the correct use and maintenance of the mold, is also a major factor affecting the life of the mold. The parameters and design requirements of the injection molding machine in the mold are consistent with those of the mold. The planned regular maintenance of the mold can increase the service life of the mold to some extent.

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