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5 elements of the injection molding process

1. Temperature:
  • Oil temperature: For the hydraulic machine, it is the thermal energy generated by the friction of the hydraulic oil during the non-stop operation of the machine. It is controlled by cooling water. When the machine is turned on, make sure that the oil temperature is about 45 ° C. If the oil temperature is too high or too low, that will affect the transmission of pressure.
  • Material temperature: the barrel temperature. This temperature should be set according to the shape and function of materials and products. If there is a file, set it according to the file.
  • Mold temperature: this temperature is also an important parameter; its level has a great impact on the performance of the product, so the function and structure of the product must be considered when setting, and the material and cycle must also be considered
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2. Speed:
  • Speed setting of mold opening and closing. The setting of mold opening and closing is generally based on the principle of slow-fast-slow. This setting mainly considers the machine, mold and cycle.
  •  Ejection setting: It can be set according to the structure of the product. It is best to use a slow ejection speed for some complex structures, and then use a quick demold to shorten the cycle.
  • Fire rate: Set according to the size and structure of the product. If the structure is complicated and the wall is thin, it can be set quickly. If the structure is simple, the wall thickness can be set slowly.
3. Pressure:
  • Injection pressure: According to the size of the product, the thickness of the wall, from low to high, other factors are considered when debugging.
  • Holding pressure: The holding pressure is mainly to ensure the product's shape and stable size. Its setting should also be set according to the structure and shape of the product.
  • Low pressure protection pressure: This pressure mainly protects the mold and minimizes the damage to the mold.
  • Clamping force: refers to the force required for the mold to close the mold. Some machines can adjust the clamping force, while others cannot.
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4. Time:
  • Shot time: This time must be set longer than the actual time, and it can also protect the shot. The shot timing setting value is about 0.2 seconds greater than the actual value. When setting, consider the pressure, Matching speed and temperature.
  • Low voltage protection time: In the manual state, set the time to 2 seconds first, and then add about 0.02 seconds according to the actual time.
  • Cooling time: This time is generally set according to the size and thickness of the product, but the melting time should not be longer than the cooling time, which can fully shape the product.
  • Holding time: This time is the time for cooling the gate before the melt is allowed to flow back under the pressure of holding pressure to ensure the size of the product after the injection is completed. It can be set according to the size of the gate.

5. Location:
  • The opening and closing position can be set according to the corresponding opening and closing speed. The key is to set the starting position of the low pressure protection, that is, the starting position of the low pressure should be the point that is most likely to protect the mold without affecting the cycle. Should be the position where the mold contacts before and after the mold is closed at a slow speed.
  • Ejection position: This position can satisfy the complete demolding of the product. Firstly, it should be set from small to large increments. Note that the back position must be set to "0" when the mold is installed, otherwise the mold will be easily damaged.
  • Melt position: calculate the material quantity according to the product size and screw size, and then set the corresponding position.
  • V-P position should find the V-P position (that is, the V-P switching point) from large to small, that is, the Short-Short method.

In short: the five major elements are complementary when debugging, and must be linked to set up debugging.
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